Sunday, 5 October 2014

[REVIEW] Pool of Crimson by Suzanne Sabol

This book was given to me for taking part in the blog tour. Thank you!

Pool of Crimson is NO shrinking violet. It starts out in fast paced action scenes and right off the bat hot vampires. I love fast paced books but there is much to be said about setting up the scene first. I found myself confused and unsure about which character was speaking/which character Dahlia was referring to. 

Other than that though, the main character is a strong female. There's hot vampires and the story just sucks you in. 

If you're skeptical about the book I'd suggest giving it a good read. Commit to the first half before making up your mind because you'll be surprised. The lack of details may confuse you but like the beginning the story soon takes off. 

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