Review Policy

I rate books by the amount of tea cups, 5 being the most.

5 - The book is absolutely amazing.  I definitely recommend it and have probably drank tons of tea while reading it.

4 - The book is good but there were some boring parts or confusion.  Less book and tea time went in to this reading.

3 - The book was okay.  I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to readers.

2 - The book was bad.  No amount of tea could make reading this book enjoyable.

1 - Hate the book.  Most likely, I've tried to read this book and didn't get past the first chapter, or worse, the first couple of pages.  It rarely happens but if there is a book with a rating of 1, or even less, you know it's bad. 

Purchasability - i.e. is it worth buying??
Often I'll come upon a really good story but not good enough to buy.  That's why I also rate books by their purchasability.

Ratings are split in to three options:

Buy - Go out and get a copy right now.  Then leave it somewhere safe where it won't be damaged. This book is absolutely amazing and you have to get it!

Meh - I might buy this book...or not.  It`s not needed but if you like it, you should buy it.

Borrow - This book isn't worth buying.  It's better just to borrow it.

Feel free to contact me through email if you want me to review your books. I'm pretty much open to all genres. All reviews are my own opinions. I post ARC reviews no earlier than a week before release date and no later than a week after release date if I happen to procure an ARC prior to release date.

Please Note: there are certain times during the year that my schedule is really busy and I will not be making commitments to have reviews posted promptly a week prior to or after release date. During those times, my commitment is to just have the review posted ASAP.