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[BLOG TOUR] Rusty Nailed by Alice Clayton

It's that time of year for blog tours!

Another lovely tour I'm participating in, this one by the lovely Alice Clayton and the sequel (or second-in-the-series book) to 'Wallbanger', titled "Rusty Nailed"

The Synopsis:

In this sequel to Wallbanger, the second book in the Cocktail series, fan favorites Caroline and Simon negotiate the rollercoaster of their new relationship while house-sitting in San Francisco.

Playing house was never so much fun—or so confusing. With her boss on her honeymoon, Caroline’s working crazy long hours to keep the interior design company running—especially since she’s also the lead designer for the renovation of a gorgeous old hotel on Sausalito. So with her hotshot photographer boyfriend gallivanting all over the world for his job, she and Simon are heavy-duty into “absence makes the heart grow fonder” mode. Neither has any complaints about the great reunion sex, though! Then Simon decides he’s tired of so much travelling, and he’s suddenly home more. A lot more. And wanting Caroline home more, too. Though their friends’ romantic lives provide plenty of welcome distraction, eventually Caroline and Simon have to sort their relationship out. Neither wants “out of sight, out of mind,” but can they create their own happy mid-ground cliché?

USA TODAY bestselling author Alice Clayton delivers another delicious, frothy cocktail of a book, shaking up her characters, stirring in laugh-out-loud humor, and serving sizzling romance straight up!

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Release date is June 26

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I wish you all the best of luck!

[BLOG TOUR] Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Another new blog tour I'm participating in!

It's for the release of Christina Lauren's ('Beautiful Bastard' series) new book, "Sweet Filthy Boy".

The Synopsis:
The New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Bastard, Beautiful Stranger, and Beautiful Player starts a brand new story of friends, love, and lust with Book One of the Wild Seasons series.

One-night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable. They aren’t supposed to be with someone like him.

But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation—and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop-out—Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life: follow Ansel Guillaume—her sweet, filthy fling—to France for the summer and just…play.

When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.

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For those who are fans of the Beautiful Series you don't want to miss this one!

Release date is May 13th. 

Click the links below to pre-order your copy today
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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

[REVIEW] Broken and Screwed by Tijan

Broken and Screwed by Tijan
Feb 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Series: BS #1
I've always enjoyed Tijan's books and I'm glad that Broken and Screwed lived up to my expectations.

The Broken and Screwed follows the main character Alex and Jesse. Two childhood friends who were as close as siblings, who are dealing with Alex's brothers death. Alex was a party girl after her brother's death she becomes withdrawn and depressed. Side note: nothing to do with the story but I always found it peculiar that a typical high school girl is a popular party girl. I don't remember ever being that socially active in high school... Am I the only one who feels that way? Perhaps. I'm strange like that. 

Anyway Alex's depressed and Jesse acts like the complete opposite. At the start Jesse was popular already, being the overly hot guy in school, but after his best friend-basically-brother's death he becomes even more popular and even more socially involved. The basic plot of the story is how Jesse and Alex try to find a way to cope with the death and their feelings for each other. I found it quite interesting how both Alex and Jesse are so opposite and so attracted to each other. As they always say, opposites attract. 

I like how the story starts out, it hooks you in and wants to make you know more about the story while also hitting you hard with action and intense emotions. 

There's not much to say about this story to be honest. In my opinion, it's a story that will either hit you hard psychologically or go over your head. The story deals with some topics that some people will relate to much more than others will. I tried to understand the situation through the character's feelings but it's very hard to do so never really experiencing anything like it. I think Tijan does a good job having the story told consistently by the characters throughout. I feel like it would be really easy to become overwhelmed with the emotions of the situations that could result in making a character act out of their personality but each of the characters always acts appropriately. Alex is a very withdrawn person who closes herself off so much that she finds it very hard to experience any emotion and is often indifferent to events. Whereas Jesse is a person who is quick to explode and react which he does often. Each of the characters has a distinct personality and never do anything to contradict it which I greatly appreciate.

There is a lot of common features from both this series and Tijan's Fallen Crest series. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or just a writing style that Tijan often employs in the books. I'm interested to see how the sequel will turn out.
3.5 - 4 cups of tea

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Saturday, 5 April 2014

[REVIEW + BLOG TOUR] Return to Kadenburg by T.E. Ridener

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Return to Kadenburg by T.E. Ridener
 March 2014
Series: The Kadenburg Shifters #2
Arc courtesy of T.E. Ridener in exchange for an honest review and taking part in this blog tour. Thank you!

Book 2 takes place right after Book 1, The Truth about Kadenburg.  I read them consecutively so it felt like one big book in my opinion. I'll try to focus only on the second book in this review though.

The story evokes the same feelings as the first one. I love reading paranormal romance stories especially ones with twists in them. Shifting bears? Yeah, I'm sure that's pretty different from typical stories. I enjoyed it. the romance and chemistry between the two main characters is also still present in the book. The focus has shifted though from Presley and Lorcan though. Enter their childhood friend, Rutley. 

I feel like the author thought to herself, what can Rutley be so that he makes the biggest splash when he jumps into the story. That's why he's a werewolf hunter! Well more like a shifter hunter. If you need reminding, Lorcan and Presley are shifters!!! If it's still not clear, THIS MEANS DRAMA! And as a reader, anticipating drama is always lovely. Rutley is a character that makes me laugh. He seems so serious at the start. I kept thinking what a cocky fellow he is. Then the action picks up and i feel like Rutley becomes so overwhelmed in the action that he turns into a silly boy. He was the comedic relief for sure. 

The story consists of many side stories and I had a lot of questions while reading this story. Why's Presley's aunt with her enemies? What happened to Presley's mother? Why is Colin such a mean person?  Why is Colin trying to pick up Presley when she's already his alpha's mate? and the most important question I kept asking while reading the story: What the hell is Rutley doing now??

Return to Kadenburg had nothing special in terms of story outline and plot. Typical shifter story. It's the dynamics and relationships between the characters that makes this story special. There are so many connections with each character having their own reasoning as to their actions. The ending to the story though was absolutely phenomenal. We ride up and down a hill of emotions. Just when you think everything is going fine something else happens and there's a major cliffhanger. I think this is just something the author does because the first one was like that too. They're always a surprise though which is really good because cliffhangers should be surprises. I'm not saying I like cliffhangers but they are effective in making you anticipate the next installment so you can figure out what happens. 

I think if you're a fan of shifter or paranormal romance stories and you're looking for a good book to read by all means give this a shot. I don't think it's remarkably unique though. Just a good story with it's own take on shfiters.


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     With four missing persons and witnesses who refuse to talk, Kadenburg’s sheriff finds himself in a bind on what to do.  Swallowing his pride and biting the figurative bullet, he calls for back-up.  His son, 29 year old Rutley Holter hesitantly returns to town to rejoin the family business; hunting werewolves.</ o:p>
     Rutley never intended to return to Kadenburg, but it soon becomes personal when he discovers his best friend was murdered by the sniveling mutts his father believes to be responsible for the disappearance of Lorcan Bamey, Presley Goult, Greg Kress, and Dimitri Fridolf.
   While searching for familiar faces, Rutley has a chance encounter, and consciously rescues, the one thing he was raised to kill; Dimitri the werewolf.  It isn’t long before he begins to experience an inner battle of loyalty and the line between right and wrong start to blur.
     Being threatened by Breslin Connor is the least of Lorcan and Presley’s worries.  As they struggle to find normalcy in an incredibly extraordinary town, they will come face to face with demons from their pasts and ponder over an uncertain future.  Will their love for one another truly conquer all?
     New characters and adventures will emerge in book 2 of the Kadenburg Shifters Series.  Prepare yourself for laughter, tears, and nail-biting suspense as you re-enter the most magical little town in Tennessee
     Welcome back.


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