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[REVIEW] Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgens

Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgens
Published: May 2012
Age Group: Young Adult
Series: The Sweet Trilogy #1
First I'll admit that I'm currently on the mend and needed to read something to keep me occupied. The cover for this story caught my attention and I decided to read it. I have no qualms with this story...nor do I have any utter love for this story. It's an okay story that I used to past the time, a classic 'meh' read.

The story follows the main character Anna and her, shall we say, rocky road to figuring out who she is and what her destiny is. She discovers she's a Neph, one born from a demon and a women but Anna's special, she's born from a demon and an angel (This should have been hint one already that she's the destined one meant for a bigger meaning and is meant to save the world yada yada).  Along the way she meets other Neph's, particularly one Kaiden Rowe, who is obviously her love interest if their first meeting wasn't a big enough clue. Now I don't want to get to in detail of what the story is about because there's a lot of background information into the hierarchy of these demons and what each Neph is expected to do. I'll just sum it up by saying Anna's lived a different life and it's this different life that allows her to be separate from the rest and put her towards the path of righteousness.

Now on to the story overall. I do love a good angsty romance story so I was really excited when this one seemed to be turning out to be a story like that. I'm not sure if Anna's best friend, Jay, was meant to be seen as a rival love interest or if I was blinded by my crush on Kaiden Rowe to not really pay attention but Jay honestly seemed like just a good friend.  His purpose in the story sort of diminished in my opinion because of his role but hey, every hot female lead needs at least one good guy friend.

The storyline was slightly generic. Introducing the one different character that can save the world, cliché cliché. I did like the inclusion of the Dukes of Hell, or more like the Seven Deadly Sins incarcerate since each one represents a Sin and act upon it, with some added Sins. That was interesting and added a new dynamic to the angel tale. But overall it was pretty bland and lacked much originality in my opinion. The story veered towards Anna's attempt at finding acceptance with some group, which I found to be quite interesting. The readers are taken on this journey of her own acceptance of who she is and who she belongs to. She doesn't fit in with the kids from her school (no duh she's a nephilim but that's probably the least of her worries) and when she finds people like her, she tries to fit in and find answers to all the mysteries in her life.

Some parts of the story seemed forced. I don't want to point any out in hopes of trying to make this review spoiler free (am I doing a good job at that?).They seemed to coincidental and seemed to happen at the most opportune moment. I hate when I read a book and get a feeling like that. To me that means the author didn't do a very good job in transitions if I'm left thinking that a certain event didn't really fit or was too perfect for that situation.

I guess this was just another story that I got sucked into because of the cover and the many reviews of people declaring their undying love to a Mr. Kaidan Rowe. Maybe I'm stuck in this funk because I'm waiting, desperately, for some romance novels to come out that I find myself attracted to any mention of a hot guy. Let that be a lesson, hot guys don't always make the story better, although they do help.

 3.5 - 4 cups of tea.

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