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[REVIEW] This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas
Published: July 2013
Age Group: Adult 18A!!!
Series: This Man #3 [end]
When I first found this book I completely devoured it, but at the end I was left with a satisfied but not intense feeling that I had after the first. I debated on writing this review not because I didn't like this book - I did like it - but because I didn't have an intense feeling to rant, share or somewhat bring attention to it. It may seem like I'm disappointed in the outcome of the finale of this lovely trilogy (maybe I am at this point) but honestly any final book in a series is hard to write. How do you end everyone's story on a satisfactory note so that the fans are pleased and so is the author with their work. Well I found that although lacking in the intense romance that I loved from "Beneath This Man" I still found "This Man Confessed" to be a wonderful read.

The story starts up where the last ended: Jesse just proposed to Ava and of course she says yes (why you would say anything but yes is beyond me). And so Jesse being the domineering, controlling male that he is plans the entire wedding for her. And Ava complains. Well let's be honest it's every girl's dream to plan their own wedding but all Ava has to do is pick out her dress, everything is being taken care of by the wedding planner or Jesse.  I understand Ava's frustration but let's be honest here. If my experience from watching all those wedding shows has taught me anything it is that planning a wedding is stressful! So lucky Ava for getting out of that but still I understand her sorrow at having a wedding that wasn't planned by her, it's not really her wedding. More like Jesse's wedding, but what else is new.

Ava and Jesse still have issues in their relationship to find out. I think one of the reasons why I love this couple so much is that they're so dysfunctional it borders fiction and yet still so relatable to real life relationships because there is no perfect relationship and I'm sure there isn't a relationship filled with as much drama as these two but at least Jodi Ellen Malpas makes it so that it is evident that Jesse and Ava have issues and they work them out. And hey ladies if these two can figure out their problems I'm sure the everyday bickers of a relationship these days can be solved too. Have faith! So in the first few chapters Ava runs away. Of course she does. Ava will always be a drama queen with some insecurities about Jesse, which is to be expected because everywhere he goes people want him. So she declares she wants some space and Jesse obliges, for two days-ish, which for Jesse time is really good. Then a couple of days later they have their make up sesh and all is good. Ava and Jesse's relationship isn't going to be perfect (well honestly I don't think anyone's relationship is 100% perfect) and they obviously fight and make up which we see.

Sarah actually has a heart in this book. She made her bed and Jesse bulldozed her. In this book we get some background story on her and honestly I don't hate her anymore. The past two books I've ranted and complained about how I feel about this woman but I find my opinions have changed and I can only say it is because of brilliant writing that this has happened.

I never compared this series to 50 shades mainly because I didn't find any glaring similarities. In fact I WAS content to declare this as another great romance series. But then we get to this final volume and I can't help but find similarities. Although the nature of the situation is different and the outcome as well, I just found This Man Confessed to have more similarities then it's predecessors.  Honestly I was just confused in some parts, and I'm not sure if it was a good confused or a bad confused...

What I absolutely loved in this book was Jesse's continual bulldozing. He just doesn't care who gets in his way and I found that my favourite scenes were of his bulldozing.

I will say though that this one of the series that I've finished and felt very happy with the ending. The epilogue was lovely and I enjoyed reading about Jesse and Ava's life after. As in most romance novel endings it seems, Jesse and Ava have children. I LOVE their children. They seemed to have adopted the wittiness of both their parents and I can picture them as two adorable kids who are as gorgeous as their mom and dad. There were sometimes though when I felt some of their dialogues seemed too articulate or too complicated of a sentence for a five year old.

My favourite line is at the end: "I don't demand to see her eyes anymore. I don't need to check she's real. As long as my heart keeps beating, I'll know she is."
I think that sums up the series perfectly and how far Ava and Jesse have gone in their relationship. A lovely ending to a lovely series that went out 3, 2, 1. Zero, baby!
(I feel I'm being biased in saying you should BUY this book because I honestly love the series so much but if I were to base this on this book only it would only be MEH)

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