Sunday, 10 November 2013

[REVIEW] Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez

Breaking the Storm by Sedona Venez
Published: August 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Series: Creedence Curse #1
I read this book during my period of werewolf obsession, so it's no surprise that this story is about werewolves and paranormal creatures. Breaking the Storm is book one of the Creedence Curse series that follows the Creedence women and the curse that has befallen their family so that whomever thy fall in love with will die. Enter main character Stormy (a.k.a. Storm) Creedance who is so paranoid and scared about this curse that she walks away from the relationship between her and rocker Knox Gunner. The story takes place several years after that. Knox is a famous rockstar now and Storm is running the Creedence business, providing escorts to the royal elite of the paranormal world.  Obviously her world turns upside down once she meets Knox again and that's where the story starts again where Knox and Storm start their relationship again and find that they still really love each other.

Breaking the Storm was a good read. I enjoyed the fact that the story was focused on the love aspect and yet had a distinct plot line that was carried throughout the entire story. Storm and Knox are two stubborn people and it's interesting to see those two try to push and pull each other away, while trying to deny the attraction between the two.

It's a fast paced story filled with lots of action and sexy scenes.

If I had anything to say about the story is that I believe the sequel will follow a different character and I'm personally not a fan of sequels that focus on different characters. I just find the story to be incomplete if the series follows the same plotline and yet the protagonists change throughout each installment. I would much rather have one main protagonist that readers continue to discover and understand more than having to rediscover and understand a new character.

3.5 - 4
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