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[REVIEW] Tiger Lily by Vivian Winslow

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Tiger Lily by Vivian Winslow
Published: July 2014
Age: Adult - 18A
Series: Gilded Flower #3
Copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you

Tiger Lily starts off where Calla Lily ends. The Baron family has made a decision and they're following through on it. Lily's relationship with Alejandro is also taking off and for once I'm completely rooting for her. Alejandro seems like a guy who really cares about her. What happened to Todd you may ask? I'm not really sure. Let's add that to the pile of unanswered questions from this story. 

Now an interesting development, Tiger Lily's were mentioned in the book. Is that why the title's called after it? I mean calla lily's were also in 'Calla Lily'. Hmm...coincidence? (I think not) 

This one was probably my favourite of the three. It's on the same track a la 50 shades or other big contemporary romance novels.  It was hard though to feel those friendship bonds that apparently developed throughout the story. You get the dialogue of two people who are speaking as if they're very close friends but emotionally I don't feel it. I just feel like there wasn't enough time to develop these emotions inside me, as a reader, which resulted in not fully being able to enjoy these bonding moments.

Some actions are questionable. I want to know why they insisted Lily keep that Spanish network. Is it a coincidence that's it's Spanish? Is this some foreshadowing I'm missing? Maybe I'm just analyzing this too much and it really doesn't mean anything. 

If I had one suggestion I would say putting the Gilded Flower series together into one novel would make it a lot better. As it stands, they are three short novellas, each telling one part of the story - together and yet disjoint. I found it hard to become fully engrossed in the story. One whole novel would tell the whole story and by adding transitional chapters all three story lines could flow seamlessly.  That's just my opinion.

If you're looking for a quick summer read, give this series a try.

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