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[REVIEW] A Prince Among Killers by S R Vaught and J B Redmond

Published: November 2009
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Children's Books
Age Group: Young Adult - Fantasy
Series: Oathbreakers #2 [end]
The second half of the Oathbreaker story opens at the assassins’ stronghold, Triune, as Aron and his sworn comrades try to find peace in a world on the brink of war. Dari and Stormbreaker grow closer as they search for Dari’s missing twin; Nic and his captors find it harder to conceal their secrets; and Aron must decide whether the bond he keeps to his family will prove stronger than the oaths he has sworn to his closest friends.
Vaught and Redmond have created a heart-wrenching tale exploring the many kinds of love and war in an amazing world of two moons, shapeshifters, and humans with powers beyond reckoning. (From Goodreads)

This is the second and last part of this two part series. 
In this book, the focus is taken off Aron and Nic becomes the main character. Also the change in the titles is also an indicaton. There is also a more romance aspect in this book then adventure and the characters are less emotional at least the feelings you would get when you read about their emtotions. A Prince Among Killers starts right where Assassin's ended. Throughout the story, the focus is one Nic and Dari's budding relationship and the impending war. Aron, after finding Nic and the Stone sister with him injured, races to rescue him, almost causing his death in the process. When Nic sees Dari, it is clear to readers that he has special feelings for her, (think of them as soul mates) although perhaps Nic and Dari don't realize at first. Aron is in a jealous fit but when the war comes straight to Stone Guild's front gates, they have to put their emotions aside and work together to battle against armies ready to attack them.

To be honest, the second part of this series was much worse.

I don't like the character Nic and found this change in focus to be quite dull.

I also found this war to be ridiculus. It is still unclear to me what the war was actually for, besides to march to one's death. 

It would seem this story would have been better with a third book. Many of the actions were short and everything was very quickly paced. There wasn't any depth to the actions in my opinion that the first book had. I never got to be completely attached to this book like its first part. 

The plot also completely changes in my opinion. Now it's all about bringing peace to Eyrie by making Nic king. Finding Dari's sister becomes a sub plot and avenging Aron's family dissapears altogether. I almost completely forgot about it until it was mentioned in the last 100 pages are so. 

Truly, I am very dissapointed with this book but I got through it, just for the sake of how good the first one was and that i really wanted to know what the ending was . 

The ending was horrible by the way. I was completely shocked that the ending was so bad. For such an exciting adventure and action book, you would think the ending would be a little better then what they chose.

Anyway, I won't say don't read this book, all I can say is if you read the first book, then just remember how good that one was when you read this one.

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