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[REVIEW] Escaping Reality Lisa Renee Jones

Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones
Published: July 2013
Age Group: New Adult
Series: The Secret Life of Amy Benson #1
ARC courtesy of Julie Patra Publishing, provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you very much!

This is a spoiler free review.

Escaping Reality is, if you can't tell by the series name, the secret life of Amy Benson - if that is actually her name.

The story starts out with a "Mission Impossible" feel. I was immediately captivated by the quick moving actions and the panic the character was feeling that I had completely forgotten about the romance/erotica aspect of this book, until there is mention of a hot male who happens to catches the main character's attention. There goes my thoughts and I start reading about this whirl wind romance that takes place throughout the rest of the story.

I greatly enjoyed the story. Readers aren't given very much information on who the character Amy actually is.  We're given the chance to read about flashbacks of her past life when she experiences them but I feel that under no means are these meant to be taken as the absolute truth. Why should we as the readers believe everything when she herself doesn't know what's true or not. Perhaps I'm just being paranoid. I blame the initial feelings of being in a spy movie. Like I said Amy's past is not shared, which makes her a very interesting character to read about. I kept wondering what is it that she's running from? And who was she at first?

Along with the mystery is the steamy romance between the two main characters, Amy and hot-as-can-be Liam Stone, who is a billionaire, "recluse", architect.  Their romance takes off and usually I don't question these fast paced romances but maybe the nature of this story leaves me skeptical that this guy ONLY loves her and isn't getting close to her for ulterior motives. They just got together too fast! Also he has a goatee... I'm not a fan of goatees... and so maybe it's just personal taste but there's something off about this guy. He's your typical alpha, dominating male who wants to protect his girl and expects you to listen to him. What I noticed from him that was different from other alpha males is that he has a sort of compassion to him. He doesn't question Amy's past, even though it's obvious there's more to it than Amy is telling him, and he doesn't push her to tell him. A guy who doesn't pressure a lady to tell him about herself is a plus in my books. Liam also makes Amy feel wanted. Who doesn't want to feel wanted? Especially if it's a hot guy who wants you! But Amy is a different story, she's been alone on the run and has never truly felt a belonging to anyone until Liam. I find their romance to be a template of what most women want in a relationship and it tells a very endearing tale of two people who just want to be together and love one another.

Overall the story was quite lovely. Amazingly written. I like fast paced books that keep me engaged and attached to the storyline and this did just that. Add a very surprising cliffhanger and you have yourself a wonderful book that I think you definitely try. I haven't read any of Lisa Renee Jones' other books but I think I'll definitely give them a try after Escaping Reality. I ensure you that once you're done reading this book, you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for the sequel to be released, like I am right now.

P.S. I love math and very much appreciated the pi tattoo Liam has. Thank you very much Lisa Renee Jones ♥

Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Benson #2) is expected to be released October 2013.

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