Monday, 2 September 2013

[COMING TO THE BIG SCREEN] Confirmed 50 Shades Casting!!! (Finally!)

So today the "50 Shades of Grey" casting for the movie was announced.

Playing Anastasia Steele is...: Dakota Johnson.
I wiki'd her and apparently she was in the Social Network. Remember that girl that was with Justin Timberlake's character when he figured out the existence of facebook by borrowing her laptop? And then made her come running out of the bathroom cause he wanted to ask her about the website? Yeah that's her. I'm okay with this casting. Although she's not my first choice I can see her as Ana and that's fine with me.

Playing Christian Grey is...: Charlie Hunnam.
Well I have no idea who this guy is. Apparently he's on 'Sons of Anarchy'...not a show that I watch. Personally I don't see him as Christian at all...but I'm going to give him a shot...cause that's only fair.

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