Thursday, 3 January 2013

[RANT] The Best of 2012

With the coming of a New Year I started thinking about the best books I've read in 2012. They are:

Fifty Shades Darker
(Review here)

The Fifty Shades series definitely introduced me to adult erotica fiction but also just plain intense romantic stories, which is mainly the reason why I find myself hooked on them lately.

The second book in the series was definitely my favourite of the whole.

The Nightmare
Lars Kepler returns with another amazing crime/mystery fiction. I loved the Hypnotist (review here) and I was so excited when I heard they had a sequel coming out.  This book was as amazing as the first and I definitely recommend this series to all Millenium trilogy lovers (i.e. The Girl with the Dragon tattoo series by Stieg Larson)

The Pledge

This was probably my favourite dystopia literatures of the year.  I read this pretty close to the start of the year but it blew my mind and became my favourite all year round, even with the release of Insurgent, The Pledge was still my favourite.

Kimberly Derting takes a different spin on a dystopia society and it instantly caught my attention.  With the sequel released less than a week ago, I'm really excited to read it and continue this story. The Pledge was one of my most raved books of 2012.

I was recommanded this book last year when it was first released at the bookstore where a kind saleslady told me that this book was quite talked about already. Sadly, I didn't pay any attention to it until my whole fairy tale infatuation phase when I finally decided that it was time I made an effort to give this book a shot. Well a couple months later I purchased a copy and started reading it. It honestly blew my mind. I finished it in one day and when I finished, I was so angry that there was no more. I was at a doctor's appointment waiting when I finished and very angrily flipped through the acknowledgments and started thinking that I had bought a faulty copy. Much to the amusement of the other patients, my frustration proved that indeed, I had finished the book and that I would have to wait for the sequel (to be released Feburary 2013). This definitely became one of my favourites. I know that this is dystopia literature but I really see it as a modern retelling of a fairy tale more.

The Crimson Crown
(review here)

The finale to the seven realms series, one of my most favourite series for the last year. Cinda Williams Chima finished it with a bang that made this fan quite happy and proud of her writing.

Up in the Air series
(Book 1 Goodreads)

Rk Lilley wrote a series that I found to be as worthy as the fifty shades series, which is very hard. Biana and James gave me a new story to fall in love with even more and I'm honestly so excited for the third book in this series. IT HAS TO COME OUT SOONER! SOOOOOOONER!

I honestly cried when I read the first book which doesn't happen. Unless it's a Nicholas Sparks novel but seriously I found myself crying to myself late at night while I stayed up still reading it. That's how powerful these books were to me.

And the last book to round out this list is...

On Dublin Street

On Dublin Street, although it's technically erotic fiction too, I found myself more attracted to the romance in this story. It's filled with angst, and a lot of drama. Definitely a good read.

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