Thursday, 24 January 2013

[REVIEW] Beneath This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

Published: January 2013
Publisher: self published.
Age Group: Adult
Series: This Man #2

Please note that this is adult fiction. There are definitely scenes that may be too mature for some readers. Read at your own discretion (and hopefully you're 18 or over. )

Let me start out first by saying that when I had read the first book in the series, This Man, I had labelled it as a subpar mock of 50 shades and that it was 'MEH' material. After reading Beneath this Man, I've taken a complete 180. Now I think this is one of the best stories ever and it joins my long list of adult, romance, erotica fiction that I absolutely love.

I started reading this the day it was released, planning for it to be a pleasent start to the weekend. I had very low expectations. Honestly I was just reading this hoping that it appease me for a little bit before the release of some other books that I'm DYING to read (R.K. Lilley I'm looking at you). Well I'm happy to say that this was phenomenol. The whole story starts out in a roller coaster. I was hit with emotions in the first couple of chapters and instantly became obsessed. It definitely got better as the story progressed and by the end I was completely entranced by Ava and Jesse. I was also happy that Jesse wasn't as controlling as he was in the first novel. Hmm, similarity to Mr. Christian Gray? Maybe.

On to some other characters, Sarah's still a pain. C'mon girl, leave him alone. He doesn't want you, go find someone else. I'm fairly certain whoever can afford going to the Manor is worth sucking up to so stop bothering Jesse when he's clearly head over heels with Ava. Sigh. That girl will never learn, but Ava did show her a lesson if I do say so myself.
So I seem to have forgotten entirely about Mr. John. When he first appeared I just thought he was a new guy or some guy I forgot. Well I clearly did forget him, it wasn't until he said his trade mark 's'good', that I relealized who he was. My Bad.
Sam and Kate. Yup, they're grouped together because honestly, they both took a back seat in this book. Kate had a prominent role in the first book but in this one she wasn't as important. Although you still got some of her fiestiness. It just wasn't as common.
Ava's still Ava. You gotta love this girl. Unlike other romance novels, she doesn't take any shit and always argues with Jesse, but that's one of the best parts of the novel. I find it's the arguments between the two that is the most realistic. All relationships have arguments and most romance novels do have that but the reasons for it are hard to believe or uncommon to most. Although I'm fairly certain that you probably won't run into a man like Jesse (although one can dream), his fights with Ava are still over the little things that one will always find in a romance and a deep relationship.

Beneath this Man had some very emotional scenes. Although I wasn't sobbing at this I was completely engrossed in the words. It all happened so fast. I won't spoil what happens but if you do read this book, hopefully you'll feel the same way as I did.

This book was just absolutely amazing in capturing you in this story full of secrets and yet I always had this sense that Ava and Jesse would weather any storm.

From the start, I was certain that Ava would save him from his raging alcholism (excuse me, he's not an alcholic) which is clear since there's still a book to come. I don't think you could possibly write two whole novels when one of the main characters is passed out drunk. There were so many chances that Ava would leave Jesse again and yet I had no doubts that she would stay with him. Even with the annoying Ms. Sarah causing trouble I was certain they would stay together, although I did pray for a couple of cat fights. Jesse becomes desperate in this book. I got a sense of his vulnerability behind the whole mega controlling side of him. Inside he's just worried that he'll lose Ava and is frantic about keeping her with him, even if that means hurting himself in the process. He obviously dotes on her and although I'm fairly certain that most girls wouldn't mind being spoiled, Ava is a stubbern, headstrong lady who obviously likes to take control of her own life. I understand her need to rely on herself but c'mon lady. Let him shower you with gifts. He just wants to show you he loves you. Which is also clear every other page when he says 'I love you'. I know though that Ava needs Jesse as much and clearly they have the same feelings for each other but both are insecure and unsure if the other sees it or not.

Beneath this Man was an excellent read. I give it  5 cups of tea, much higher than the 3.5 cups for its prequel. It deserves every one of those cups. This was honestly a brilliantly written book and I wouldn't be surprised if it was soon published. It has the romance I love from 50 shades, the many past issues that was present in Bared to You and a romantic love story with two very strong characters that gives it it's own place in erotica fiction. It's definitely worthy of being up there with the top romance books right now.

I'll finish this review with an Enjoy! and a quote I absolutely loved. "Nothing will ever hurt me as much as seeing you doing that to yourself. That will kill me, nothing else. If you punish yourself again, then I will too."

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