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[REVIEW] Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir

Published: January 2013
Publisher:  Delcorte Books
Age Group: Young Adult
Series: Timeless #2 [end]

What happened. That's my initial reaction to finishing this book. What happened to the beautiful love story between Phi
lip and Michele that was the entire first novel. What happened to the story that I was looking forward to reading. Well I didn't get any of what I was hoping for. Not to bash the story because it was good (not great, but good) and Alexandra Monir did an amazing job connecting the first book to the sequel but I guess along the way something was lost. Maybe it was that I felt some of the dialogue to be awkward and somewhat forced. Also I think some of the events could have happened differently that would have made the story more interesting and exciting.

[SPOILER ALERT] For instance, when Irving is first approached by Millicent, I found was very climatical. This was the start of Michele's involvement with the Time Society. And then they started talking. At first I was okay with it. She was explaining the situation, true, something was weird. And then it was all like "Don't worry, we have everything under control. Just follow me." It seemed pointless and very simple for Irving to figure out how to get back his skeleton key. It was too quick and easy for him to get it back. I would have liked it if maybe Irving saw the key hanging around Rebecca's neck and recognized it which then made him find the Society on his own and/or confront her. That would have made it more exciting then a "Someone's here to see you" and she instantly get's confronted and kicked out. I'm missing an emotion from this scene and I'm not sure what it is just that something's missing.  [END SPOILERS]

Maybe before I completely bash the book I should go over some parts I did like. For instance, Philip and Michele's love adventure (as I like to call it).  Kudos to Alexandra Monir in making Philip lose his memory. When I first heard of it I was angry. WHY would she do that to them after everything those two have been through in the first novel and then I firgued, why not. WHY make it so easy for them, hmm? A good romantic angst and worry is good. So I very much enjoyed Michele's efforts and inner turmoil in seeing that Philip was hers, and yet not hers. Also it was very interesting in how Philip's appearence was explained. At first I believed he was a time traveler too. Why not if Michele was one and then when the story progressed, I was sure of it. But of course that wasn't the case. Read the story if you want to know the full explanation. I feel like that's something each reader should find out for themselves.

Also, Caissie. I liked her role in this story.  Although she had a significantly smaller role, I felt that her actions spoke more about her character than before.  [SPOILERS ALERT] Especially when she takes the key from Michele. I know she said that it was because a voice told her too but I'm fairly certain it was because she was jealous of Michele who was rich and had everything AND was also special and a time traveler. I'm sure Caissie was tired of her mundane life and wished for something more. She reminds me of Rebecca and I would have loved to see her turn evil and all sinister like Rebecca herself. [END SPOILERS]

Rebecca is probably the first real villian to appear in this series. Her involvement sort of turns this book into more than a romance story for me. It adds a depth to it that I didn't get as much from the first book. But also, in my opinion, her involvement takes away from the romance between Philip and Michele, which I mentioned at the beginning of my review, I didn't get a whole lot of, or at least what I thought I would get.

Michele seemed a bit scatter to me in this book. At first she's all worried about Philip then willingly commits to stopping Rebecca while also trying to continue the search for her father. Seems like a bit too much issues for a teenage girl to have, considering that these are all very big issues, not small problems like buying more milk etc.

The story seemed to have a planned happy ending and some of the events seemed very predictable. I wasn't entirely impressed with all the outcomes of the events. It still got better towards the end but still predictable.

Overall this wasn't what I expected.  It was a pleasent read and I'm sorry that it couldn't have been more than that.

(Some pity points given because of my love for the first novel.)
MEH borderline BORROW

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