Monday, 6 January 2014

[2013 Tea End Review] Tea Worthy Books of the Month! - January and February

To start of the [2013 Tea End Review] segment, I'm posting my Tea Worthy Books of the Month for January and February. By the end of the month I'll post a complete list of them but for now, enjoy bits and pieces!

January was the month that started reading off with a bang for me.  I had 3! 3 Tea Worthy Books of the month, each one of them leaving a different feeling in me.

1. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton.
I'm not sure how many times I've advertised this book or talked about how amazing it is. Wallbanger introduced me to Alice Clayton and I finished reading it having found a new favourite author. The book was funny and romantic, a hard combination to do with romance novels these days when the story line can get quite intense and dramatic. Wallbanger was an excellent way to start the new year of 2013 and a worthy book for the title of 'Tea Worthy Book of the Month'.

Fun Fact: Alice Clayton recently announced that Wallbanger is now a part of a series. When it was first released it was a stand alone but now it's the first installment of the Cocktail series. Book 2, "Rusty Nailed" is to be released June 24, 2014. Book 3. "Screwdrived" is being released September 2, 2014 (Happy Back to School Present!) and the last volume,  "Mai Tai'd Up" is scheduled for December 2014. Check her website for more updates!

2. Love Left Behind by S.H. Kolee.
Equally as good as the other two books but not as memorable. Love Left Behind was a sad story of what the world of Hollywood could do to a couple. It was short and sweet and had everything that made me a happy reader.

3. Beneath this Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas.
Probably one of my favourite adult/erotica stories. In my opinion one of the best and leagues ahead of the others. This Man set the story up and Beneath this Man came in a blew everything away. It had the romance, the drama, the intense moments, the sweet moments, the arguments, and two endearing characters that I thoroughly enjoyed reading over and over again. Beneath this Man has found a permanent place on my Kobo.

The month of love. Also the month where none of the books really stood out to me. The closest book I could think of giving the title to would be Beauty from Pain by Georgia Cates. An excellent 2013 debut with an equally stunning cover and story. Perhaps after the amazingness of January, February just wasn't comparable.

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