Tuesday, 7 January 2014

[2013 Tea End Review] Tea Worthy Books of the Month! - March and April

One of the worst months to be reading due to the obscene workload that is thrown at University students right before exams. One book though stood out from everyone else and has become of the most recommended books by me (probably behind Divergent).

The Selection by Kiera Cass takes the title for this month.
I had my doubts reading this book. There was a lot of drama surrounding this debut online and whether or not the author and her publisher acted appropriately. That's what put me off but the combination of the gorgeous covers and the compelling blurb drew me in each time until I finally gave in a read it. Wow. The Selection blew me away. Kiera Cass has a way of subtly including signs of distress and dystopia woes into teenage angst and romance drama so that readers aren't overwhelmed by either and don't find themselves confused when one of the genres becomes dominant in the plot. Also the two main guys vying for the one girl is a dream story that always captivates readers.

a.k.a exam month for me. But I made sure to get my dose of reading in everyday.

The winner for this month is the Elite by Kiera Cass.
The sequel to the Selection and equally if not more captivating than the first. The Elite has more of the dark secrets of the dystopia world and the romance gets better too.  Once again readers are left to choose sides between the two boys but also the prospect that perhaps America, the main character, won't be the winner of this competition and then what happens after that? I cried, laughed, screamed and just about did every dramatic action and emotion while reading this book. It made me really start to think about certain topics and truly evaluate what is happening. An excellent sophomore book that didn't fall to the deathly sophomore curse.

Fun Fact: the finale, and third book, of the series is due to be released May 6, 2014.  It's a vision in white...if you get my hint.

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