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[REVIEW] Bitten by R. L. Stine

Published: 2010
Publisher: HarperTeen
Age Group: Young Adult
Series: Dangerous Girls #1 & 2
Twin sisters Destiny and Livvy Weller return home from summer vacation with a dark secret . . . and an inhuman desire to drink blood. What have they become? Can they ever turn back? As their deadly secret becomes harder to keep, more questions arise and loyalties are tested. And as one sister descends into darkness, the other must find a way to save her—and herself. Who will live to see the glow of the next full moon? Which sister will survive?

In Dangerous Girls and Dangerous Girls #2: The Taste of Night, published together in Bitten, bestselling author R.L. Stine explores the dark creatures of the night. (From Goodreads)

Well first, this book is about vampires.
Shocker there. 

Secondly, the vampires aren't like the ones from Twilight that sparkle in the sun or the ones that have to drink immortal elixer, no. These vampires are the ones that live forever, suck blood and terrorize people. 

In the book there are twins, Destiny and Lizzy who end up being bitten by the same vampire while they are camp. The reason why the vampire bit them? Well they looked like the girl he loved that got killed. To be with her again, the vampire attempts to make them immortal but is interrupted in the process. That starts this whole crazy adventure. This book is made up of two parts, so in the first part, the girls are confronted with the truth that they are becoming hungrier and hungrier and that they thirst for blood. The other thing is that the vampire that bit them, well he can't continue the job unless it's a full moon so he ends up stalking them...kind of creepy in my opinion. Destiny (Dee for short) also starts to get stressed about finding a cure when the twins stumble upon another vampire that told them "The Restorer" could cure them if there was enough time left. So begins the hunt for the Restorer. Along the way, the girls also realize that there are vampire hunters in town and that their dad and the entire baseball team is a part of it. SO now they have to run for their lives as well as trying to save them. At the end of the first part, the twin's dad tells them that he is actually the Restorer and he saves Dee but Lizzy chooses to stay immortal, even turning someone else too. Well in the second part, it's completely about the psychological harm Lizzy does to her family by leaving her home. We also see Lizzy constantly homesick and wondering around at night finding people to drink. It gets serious later on when people start dying and the twins both think that the other twin had something to do with it...

Bitten reminds me alot of the Vampire Diaries, without the witches, werewolves, angelic blood and hot romances. It's sort of the sample of it.
I'll be honest, at first I thought this book was horrible. There's no depth in the plot and the girls are just constantly chasing some made up tale. It got better when people actually started to die and the plot deepend. 

What i did like abut this was the characters really expressed their emotions well. It was also a really easy read. I read the entire 480 page book in a little bit more then two hours. So I guess if you like books about vampires then give it a try but don't expect much.

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