Wednesday, 18 April 2012

[REVIEW] The Vampire's Promise by Caroline B. Cooney

Published: February 2011
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
Genre: Young Adult 
From master of suspense Caroline B. Cooney, three spine-tingling vampire novels in one juicy volume.A vampire lives in the tower of the creepy old house in town--a vampire who makes promises and grants wishes. Few know he exists. When Althea, Devnee, and Lacey meet the vampire, he offers them the things they want most--popularity, beauty, freedom.But his bargains come for a price.How much are the girls willing to pay? How many lives will they destroy? And is there any way out of a vampire's promise?(From Goodreads)

First of all i absoutely hate the binding this publisher does. The pages are really hard to open up fully and that's something I personally dislike in a book. 

So back to the book, The Vampire's Promise is about this vampire who lives in the shuttered, circular tower of the creepy old house in town. Whoever happens to release the vampire will have their a chance to have their wish granted - but for a price. In the book there are three different stories that follow the same storyline. Each girl in the three stories encounter the vampire who grants them their wishes of popularity, beauty and freedom. They soon find out though that the price they have to pay may be higher then they expected. 

I'm not a fan of books that have multiple stories, loosely connected by this one common factor, in this case a wish granting vampire. 

I decided to give this book a chance, particularly since I didn't know that it had three stories that followed the same storyline. The first story was really good.  I would have preferred to read a 400 page book just on that story. 

Of course the story ended with a slightly climatical ending and the next story began. Well I got through the first three chapters and gave up. The second story was utterly horrible and I didn't really want to read the same storyline again. It was so similar to the previous one, minus the character and their wish. But the desire to want something so bad to succomb to the vampire and that they were social outcasts sort of made it boring to read again. It may just be me but reading another story so similar to the previous story is not very fun at all. 
So needless to say, I stopped reading the book and I decided to read another book. 

The stories are also very quickly paced so just when you start to getting in to the book, the stories ended. 

If you like these types of loosely connected stories then read this book because they do connect wonderfully but if you're like me who enjoys some variety in the stories I read, then don't read this.

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